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How to use the Tru-Data Cam App

Short version on how to:

a) This app needs an active internet access.

b) Shoot photos (limited to 20 pictures per hour).

c) A large picture (with maximum resolution) will be stored at the standard place.

d) A smaller version (500 pixels wide) will be calculated, a logo will be added and a fingerprint will be done.

e) Transfer this small photo from the storage inside the app via email (DO NOT use compression).

f) This small picture can be verified and the authenticity can be proofed. Go to: proof authenticity.


The details:

Make sure you have an active internet link before starting the app. Without server communication this app cannot work. The amount of data that is transferred is very low, just like when sending a text email.

You can now take photos. Every photo will be saved in full resolution to your camera roll.

For every picture taken the app calculates a smaller version (500 pixels wide). A very small Tru-Data logo will be placed in one corner.

Based on this smaller picture with the logo the Tru-Data Cam App now does a fingerprint and sends this fingerprint to our server. Please note: The picture itself will never leave your smartphone. Only the very small fingerprint will be transferred. NO user data will be added. There is no possibility to reconstruct your picture out of this fingerprint. The process is confidential and anonymous.

Our server adds a date and time stamp to each fingerprint and confirms that to your smartphone. Only now (and not earlier) your smartphone saves the small picture inside the app.

You do now have the original full size picture and the smaller picture with logo (500 pixels) on your phone or tablet.

Use the full size picture in any way you like. You can resize, change colours or save it in different file types.

The smaller picture with the logo should be transferred to your computer or your website. Go to the picture storage inside the app and transfer the picture via email to a recipient of your choice. IMPORTANT: Make sure that you do NOT send the picture with compression. Later you can change the name of the picture on your computer but you should NOT open and save it with any photo editing software.

Store the smaller picture safely somewhere. The fingerprint has only been taken from that small picture with the logo and you can only proof authenticity of this kind of pictures.

To do so, go to "proof authenticity" and choose this picture. Inside your web browser another fingerprint will be calculated and it will be compared to the one on the Tru-Data server. If this picture can be recognised as unmodified and original, the system will show the time and date that picture was taken.

This app is adding the ability of image authentication to your smartphone or tablet. You can now proof anytime to anybody that a photo is original and not manipulated. You only have to provide the small picture and anybody can easily verify this (without software installation) via the website www.tru-data.com.


Take a look at an example.

Check out our introduction video.


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